About Us

G & E Biofuel Trading. are the largest and longest established Ukraine wood pellet delivery specialists based in the Ukraine. 95% of what we distribute is grown, harvested and processed in Ukraine.  We are proud to support local jobs and the economy. Based in Stavropihiis’ka St we deliver nationwide, please don’t hesitate to contact us regarding delivery within your area.

G & E Biofuel Trading. have built a reputation on quality (our pellets are regularly tested by SGS, Austria, the World’s most trusted verification laboratories), reliability of supply (supplying in excess of  12,000 tonnes annually with the single largest buffer stock of 2,000 tonnes of bulk wood pellets along with 1,700 tonnes of bagged wood pellets in the country – Delivery assured!

Delivery Capacity

We operate 6 trucks dedicated to wood pellet delivery and we are also partnered with the National Pallet Express network.We are also the preferred choice for all the Irish ESCO Contractors and supply the vast majority of prominent sites such as government buildings, Hospitals, Schools, Leisure Centres and other commercial entities.

Value for Money

Good value – When cost compared to the other fuels, its easy to see how good quality wood fuels save you money. We continue to maintain the very best in cost cutting wood fuel solutions, driven by a low over-heads model and putting the emphasis on customer service and quality products delivered by our hardworking team at G & E Biofuel Trading.

To get a grasp on the real cost savings, please study the un-biased report table compiled by SEAI titled “Fuel Comparisons”.